Our Story

Libra is about finding your balance. The balance between being social, and being busy. Between being fun, and getting things done. Libra is a premium beer crafted in the Maritimes by Upstreet. A light, fresh artisanal beer that fits your life, not the other way around.



“The Libra brand revolves around being balanced and that’s what actually caught my attention. I’m an athlete, and “work hard, play hard” is a common theme in my life. Playing hard and going out with the team or my other friends always puts a damper on my routine the day after. With Libra in hand, this non-alcoholic beer enables me to enjoy multiple beers with the guys and still perform at my best without being considered a buzz kill!”

Ethan | Athlete from Ontario

“As an entrepreneur you can usually find me at any cafe in the city from Monday to Friday. But being your own boss and playing many roles in any start up requires work on the weekends. Libra has let me enjoy those weekends on the patio, with the authentic taste of craft beer without the alcohol component! I’d consider myself a Libra advocate, this beer has let me find some balance in the long hours I put in towards my business!”

Lemar | Business Fanatic from Quebec