Our Story

As brewers, we couldn't find a non-alcoholic craft beer that was delicious and true to style - so we made our own. Libra is about finding your balance. The balance between being social, and being busy. Between being fun, and getting things done. We brew Libra like a regular craft beer, so it tastes just like the real thing - and you can celebrate without sacrifice.

Driven by a shared mission to normalize socializing without alcohol, we work with our Balance Ambassador Serena Ryder to encourage Canadians to re-imagine what being social means to them, and help them find a balance that works with their health and lifestyle goals. 

1% of profits of Libra go toward ArtHaus, Serena's music incubator which is on a mission to create a landscape where artists, musicians, creators, music industry leaders and wellness experts can come together to support one another. 



"I've tried pretty much every non-alcoholic beer that I can get my hands on in Canada and this one is one of my favorites. Well balanced, nice mouthfeel, light and refreshing with a nice crafty flavor. Great 'every day' NA beer!"

Erica W

"Finally a delicious non-alcoholic craft beer! I love that I’m able to kick back and have a couple of these every night without any guilt. Amazing flavour!"

Brian S