January 16, 2022

"While the idea of a non-alcoholic beer is nothing new (looking at you, O’Douls), the drink category has seen massive growth over the past couple of years. Now, many Canadian craft brewers have set out to create their own booze-free brews under their own brand or as new subbrands.

Harmon’s Organic, from one of the co-founders of Toronto’s Mill Street Brewery, is the latest offering to hit the market nationally, while other producers such as Libra and Sober Carpenter have been gaining popularity for some time. Locally in Calgary you can easily find non-alcoholic beers by Partake, One For The Road, Village Brewery and Tool Shed Brewing at liquor stores, select grocers and, of course, some pubs and restaurants too."

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Source: The Globe And Mail, Dan Clapson