Summer Favourites

Libra Cherry Sour, IPA, and Pilsner in one box!

Cherry Sour: A deliciously tangy cherry sour with a gentle tartness, sweet fruity notes, and a refreshing finish.

IPA: A balanced IPA is bursting with tropical aromas and flavours of tropical fruit and mango.

Pilsner: A light and crisp pilsner with malty sweetness, floral aroma, and a gently bitter finish. 

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Customer Reviews

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Brennan McConnell

Summer Favourites

Mosty sober workaholic
Good choice

Love the cherry sour. The ipa and pilsner I was already familiar with, they are both good. It tastes like real beer with only 0.4 alcohol which is something to consider. This isn't a cheap, malty moslen excel or odouls. The price isn't cheap either, I think $2 a can would be a fair price. Libra and athletic brewing are my favorite brands and I have tried quite a few already.

David Symington

They were all good. I’ll order again. Hopefully available all year round

Doug Myers
Low alcohol summer

I like the beer but not it’s name. A better brand is “very low alcohol beer” vice “non- alcoholic beer”. The evidence, and balanced view is that your beer contains alcohol. Say so. Don’t use the word alcoholic, unless you are trying to appeal to them. For your consideration.