November 21, 2021

No matter the reason you have for drinking delicious non-alcoholic beers, you can rest assured knowing how many benefits are associated with doing so. The booming NA industry is seeing tons of people jumping on board to limit their alcohol intake- but here are five more advantages that you may not even be aware of.

1- Low Calories: The average calorie count in an alcoholic pint of beer is around 200 calories. Some even more. By removing the alcohol from our beers, we are also removing the high calories. Libra comes in at just 30 cals.

2- It Hydrates: While drinking a typical beer dehydrates you, drinking an NA beer benefits your fluid balance and supports the rehydration process. Thirsty? We got you. 

3- Better Sleep: Drinking a non-alcoholic beverage may actually help you sleep better. The compounds xanthohumol and myrcenol in hops used in brewing also have a sedative effect and are thought to improve sleep patterns.

4- Reduced Anxiety: The same hops mentioned above are also thought to help in reducing anxiety and stress. A non-alcoholic beer also eliminates the possibility of a hangover, which can prove to be pretty anxiety-inducing for some people- aka ‘hangxiety.’

5- Nutritional Facts- Unlike your average bottle of alcoholic beer, most NA brews have the nutritional facts & ingredients printed on their side- because who doesn’t love transparency. 

We hope learning some more facts about why you’re making a great choice sipping on a Libra allows for higher NA beer appreciation- not that you needed any more reasons. 

Cheers to a healthy life!