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Libra Cherry Sour
Stephen Standing
Cherry Sour Hour

This is the best non alcoholic beer there is!

A good variety of styles and flavours!!
The Stout was my favourite!!

Libra Pilsner
Amy Mangan

Libra Pilsner

Sober October 36 Pack
Sherry Armstrong
Sober October

My package arrived safe and sound. I have enjoyed a couple of the bevvies and I am very very happy with them! It's nice to have a choice to have a great tasting beverage, sometimes, without the alcohol affect.

Libra Pale Ale
Glenn Crighton
great Non Alcoholic Beer

Love the taste and the fact that it is non alcoholic is a bonus

Libra Pilsner
Caroline Hammerschlag
Love this refreshing beer

Tastes like real beer. Delicious!!

I love Libra

These are the best NA beers in the North American market - hands down! And I've tried a lot, from many different provinces and states (as part of my job). Great products!

Great fall beer for that post mountain bike ride!

Love the pumpkin spice ale and is my go to these days for a post ride. Hope to see this flavour continued to be offered.

Une des meilleures bieres sans alcool sur le marché!

Wow! J'ai gouté plusieurs S/A et cette bière est une des plus gouteuses. Elle ne sont pas trop sucrées, ce qui est important pour moi. Un bel équilibre. J'ai tout de suite commandé ces bières après les avoir découvertes à l'IIe du Prince Edouard. Continuez le bon travail! Merci

Libra Pale Ale
Heather Silliker

Libra Pale Ale

Libra Stout
Bruce MacGregor

Excellent stout

Libra Pilsner
Tony MacLean

Need beer to be sold at Costco again

best pale ale ever

we just love your Pale Ale and the IPA, always great taste!
delivery is painless and always arrives in great shape.
keep up the GREAT work.

Libra beer

Loved all the choices but my favourite is the lime lager. I add a shot of Clamato juice😊

Libra Lime Lager
Delaina Byers
Very nice!

Great lime beer! Was amazing with tacos!

Libra IPA
Jason Peasley
100% would recommend

I stopped drinking alcohol years ago but still had cravings for a cold beer on a hot summer day. I never thought about tying a NA beer since they have a stigma of being nothing like the real thing. Enter Libra IPA. I first bought a 4 pack from another website and was immediately blown away from the first sip. Tastes just like a well made craft beer, cause it is. I bought a 36 pack from the Libra website after I finished my first can. I can't get enough of these things. Haven't tried the other flavors yet but you won't be disappointed with the IPA. I'll be reordering.

Lime Lager

Best ever summer line non alcoholic drink. So refreshing! Thanks!!!

Libra IPA
Tracy Lefrense

I have tried many non alcohol beers but this by far is my favourite! Love the pale ale & IPA.

Summer Favourites
Brennan McConnell

Summer Favourites

crowd pleaser

love the IPA and this crowd please allowed me to get more and taste the Pale Ale
best beer ever...keep up great work

Libra IPA
Heather Silliker

This beer tastes like the real thing

Libra IPA
Alex H
easily my favourite non-alcoholic beer, and by far!

Your IPA is AMAZING!!!! I've never had a non-alcoholic beer that didn't taste non-alcoholic - until now! It has everything Look for in a good IPA - except the percentages! Well done, and keep up the great work!

Libra Pilsner
Sean Konrad

Not a lot of interesting flavour in this and the thinner body doesn’t help. Strongly prefer the IPA.

Summer Favourites
Mosty sober workaholic
Good choice

Love the cherry sour. The ipa and pilsner I was already familiar with, they are both good. It tastes like real beer with only 0.4 alcohol which is something to consider. This isn't a cheap, malty moslen excel or odouls. The price isn't cheap either, I think $2 a can would be a fair price. Libra and athletic brewing are my favorite brands and I have tried quite a few already.

Libra IPA
Ryan Kay

Libra IPA