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Libra Lemongrass

It's a refreshing beverage. I do enjoy the ginger as well.

Libra Stout
Max Boisvert
Great tasting Stout!

Great tasting Stout, more enjoyable them popular commercial Stouts (alcohol and/or non alcohol). The only thing lacking is a better collar!


Great product! Highly recommend trying !

Libra Stout
Cheryl Bates
Dad turned 85 with Libra Stout!

My father lives in Ontario and has had some health issues. He has been a beer drinker all of his life and the doctor told him to quit drinking. He was worried about what his friends would think but he now enjoys a beer with the boys but brings his own Libra stout. Thanks for making it easier for him. He just turned 85 and put in his birthday order which I had shipped from PEI. You rock!

Libra IPA
Dana Drake
Best Non-Alcoholic beer I’ve tried yet.

I’ve tried a ton of non-alcoholic beers and this is the best one. Love it.

Libra Lime Lager
Dave Oliver
Lime lager stock out

Five stars for the quality but I haven't been able to order it for the last 2 monthly subscription orders due to out of stock

Libra IPA
Mike B
Refreshing with hoppy aromatics

Enjoyed this beverage nice and chilled. Initial can opening reveals a great aroma of hops. Easy drinking IPA, could boost malts a bit to balance the flavour. Well done!

Possibly polarizing and not for everyone, but you need to try a few

This beer reminds me of a modern take on a gruit - a historical style that predates hops where spices or herbs were used for flavoring. It makes for an interesting combination of flavors. I find the sage dominates for me. AF beers seem to benefit by being based on lighter styles like blondes where less body and flavor are expected, which is part of the magic of this combination - there isn't a lot of hop flavor and the lower body isn't noticable. So I think it's a great combination, making a beer that is light and summery with an atypical but enjoyable flavor. Becomes more enjoyable after a bit of acclimation over time (first one might even taste a bit odd, but the second one a few days later is familiar, the third one leaves you thinking it's a good combination that will be a good return-to beer).

Libra IPA

Libra IPA

Libra Pale Ale
Jimmy McDonald

Great non alcoholic alternative

Libra Lavender Sage Cream Ale

Libra Cherry Sour
Stephen Standing
Cherry Sour Hour

This is the best non alcoholic beer there is!

A good variety of styles and flavours!!
The Stout was my favourite!!

Libra Pilsner
Amy Mangan

Libra Pilsner

Sober October 36 Pack
Sherry Armstrong
Sober October

My package arrived safe and sound. I have enjoyed a couple of the bevvies and I am very very happy with them! It's nice to have a choice to have a great tasting beverage, sometimes, without the alcohol affect.

Libra Pale Ale
Glenn Crighton
great Non Alcoholic Beer

Love the taste and the fact that it is non alcoholic is a bonus

Libra Pilsner
Caroline Hammerschlag
Love this refreshing beer

Tastes like real beer. Delicious!!

I love Libra

These are the best NA beers in the North American market - hands down! And I've tried a lot, from many different provinces and states (as part of my job). Great products!

Great fall beer for that post mountain bike ride!

Love the pumpkin spice ale and is my go to these days for a post ride. Hope to see this flavour continued to be offered.

Une des meilleures bieres sans alcool sur le marché!

Wow! J'ai gouté plusieurs S/A et cette bière est une des plus gouteuses. Elle ne sont pas trop sucrées, ce qui est important pour moi. Un bel équilibre. J'ai tout de suite commandé ces bières après les avoir découvertes à l'IIe du Prince Edouard. Continuez le bon travail! Merci

Libra Pale Ale
Heather Silliker

Libra Pale Ale

Libra Stout
Bruce MacGregor

Excellent stout

Libra Pilsner
Tony MacLean

Need beer to be sold at Costco again

best pale ale ever

we just love your Pale Ale and the IPA, always great taste!
delivery is painless and always arrives in great shape.
keep up the GREAT work.

Libra beer

Loved all the choices but my favourite is the lime lager. I add a shot of Clamato juice😊