January 26, 2023

It’s not easy to stay balanced, especially when your line of work involves being at the center of the festivities. We chatted with a few folks who work hard to maintain balance in their lives while also working in a fast-paced environment and industry.

“Being the life of the party and trying not to get carried away can be a hard balancing act. When I first started drag, I felt like I needed to be very intoxicated to be entertaining. With growth over the years I clued in that people aren’t just there to see me say funny drunk things and perform but they’re there to watch my talent. There are definitely still times where the atmosphere takes over and I get carried away but I’ve learned to make sure I’m still in control of my situations so that I’m professional towards the venue, other guests and the audience.”

-Trinity Foxx @thetrinityfoxx

“Being a performer can be a challenging test of will power leading up to a performance. Finding the balance between taking the edge off and feeling centered. I like having an NA option to help me stay focused while providing a space to cultivate connections within this industry without jeopardizing my performance.” 

-Josh, Musician

“Being on tour, it’s a bit of a crazy world as a musician and going from different places. Having the things around you that make you feel like you’re at home, for me a big part of it is having smells that are really grounding and bring back memories. And then being able to eat properly is really big, and now that I don’t drink alcohol that’s been a huge part of being able to stay healthy,”

-Serena Ryder

“Performing as a DJ in bars and clubs comes with the constant pressure and temptation to drink socially. Having a young family at home means that sleeping in late after a night of performing isn't usually an option. Having Libra as a go-to for what I have in my hand before and during a gig really helps me feel better able to perform that night as a DJ, and more importantly the next day as a father.”

-Jeff, DJ

“Working as a bartender can be a slippery slope, and it can be hard to break free of the post shift knockoffs and partying that come along with it. After a few years of trying to find the sweet spot and after rocking hundreds of weekend shifts sober, I found myself coming out of my shell socially. When you're bartending, you are sort of forced to put on a show no matter what your mood is. Drinking was no longer necessary to be the life of the party, having a drink in hand didn’t need to be a security blanket. Without having to cut out alcohol completely, I have found healthier ways to continue thriving in the industry.” 

-Grace, Bartender