April 20, 2021

We all love sitting down to a delicious meal with a cold beer - but did you know that beer makes a fantastic addition to your cooking and baking? No, really. Beer can add moisture to meat, gives a rich, earthy flavour to soups and stews, and adds depth to desserts. And don't worry - the alcohol will dissolve when cooked (or you can substitute your favourite non-alcoholic you have on hand). 

Here are a few of our favourite recipes using everyone's favourite beverage: beer. 

1) Yogurt and Beer Marinated Chicken Skewers
These chicken skewers use 1/2 a cup of pale ale to ensure that the meat turns out tender and flavourful. This super simple recipe is quick and can be done on the grill - perfect for the first sunny days of the summer. 

Get the recipe here.

2) Chocolate Stout Cake
You may look at the 2 cups of stout used in this cake and think it's a lot, but don't be intimidated - I promise, once you make a chocolate cake with stout, you'll never make another kind again. Stouts are rich and dark and elevate the delicate, delicious flavours of chocolate. You won't taste the stout at all, but you'll wonder how you ever lived without this chocolate cake in your life. 

Get the recipe here.

3) Marinated Tofu Butter Chicken
Looking for a meatless Monday option? This delicious recipe is not only quick and delicious, it features Libra non-alcoholic pale ale - you won't need the whole can so you can casually sip while you cook, bonus!

Get the recipe here, and watch Chef Alain Bosse walk you through the process in the video below: