August 22, 2022

We not only take pride in the way that our beer tastes, but the way it looks!

Has the minimalist, nature-y look of Libra caught your eye before?

Our branding is no accident. Lots of time and thought went into perfecting our can design and we want to share a few fun facts behind our concept:

Fun fact #1- One of the most recognizable parts of our cans is the sun in various positions throughout the day. For example, you can notice the sun rising on Libra Pale Ale and the sun setting on Libra IPA. Why? The sun cycle was actually chosen to demonstrate to our customers that there is NO wrong time to enjoy a Libra. It can be enjoyed whenever you feel like enjoying it!

Fun fact #2- The really clean and crisp lines were chosen to match the delicious beverage inside. Yum. 

Fun fact #3- Another thing that was incredibly important to us was making sure the can has the look and feel of drinking a real craft beer. We absolutely wanted to make sure our customers were proud to bring us to a social event and not feel like they were missing out on anything. It will stand out but in all of the right ways. 

Take note of these next time you’re cracking a Libra!