May 02, 2023

We’re getting geared up for an amazing time at the ECMA awards in Halifax, Nova Scotia this coming weekend where we will be a proud sponsor for the second year in a row!

We’re feeling super lucky to be a part of such an integral music event in Canada- music means A LOT to us here at Libra. Since Upstreet Craft Brewing was founded in 2015, community and music has always been at the center of everything we do.

Last year in Fredericton for the ECMA’s, we had the opportunity to sample Libra on the red carpet event and meet some amazing musicians and artists from the East Coast. We had SO much fun, made some really valuable connections and continued to help normalize not drinking at large music events like this one.

As we work closely with Serena Ryder and her team at ArtHaus, we get to see the role non-alcoholic products are playing in the music industry. Serena is dedicated to changing the mental health stigma with Canadian musicians and wants to create a NEW normal- one where alcohol takes a back seat.

“Within the arts and music business using substances or drinking is totally normalized but as soon as there are whispers of mental health issues or turning into addicts people run away scared. It’s very contradictory,” Serena said in a recent interview with Some Good Clean Fun.

Serena’s ArtHaus incubator is a new approach to the music business, one that emphasizes community and collaboration. 1% of all Libra proceeds will be donated to ArtHaus to help drive that change for better mental wellness in our Canadian music communities.

We hope to meet lots of new artists at this year’s ECMA’s who are looking to find their balance as they navigate the bustling industry- and we look forward to giving out lots of Libra samples and hearing some awesome local music.

Find us at opening night, on the red carpet and around all the music venues in Halifax. We can’t wait to see you!