February 02, 2023

This week we are celebrating the two year anniversary of Serena Ryder’s release - “Better Now.” 

Better Now was the first single from the album The Art of Falling Apart and highlights Serena’s vulnerability - sharing her story of mental wellness and journey with alcohol.

This particular song resonates with the Libra team so much as it really peels back the curtain on Serena’s path to sobriety - and all of the goodness that has come from that.

“Being sober is the bravest thing I’ve ever done and life is so much sweeter everyday. I know better now,” Serena said in a press release this time two years ago.

Since then, we’ve had the great pleasure of working alongside her in many ways. From donating 1% of our sales to Serena’s music incubator, Arthaus, to most recently brewing a delicious new Libra flavour with her. Libra Lavender Sage Cream Ale has been out for several months now and has been getting lots of great feedback from fans. It was brewed with all of the flavours Serena loves and is inspired by her creativity and artistry - soulful, savoury and artisanal.

When asked why she chose these flavours, Serena says it was an easy choice. “I use both of these flavours in my life all the time. For me, smells have always been a way for me to chill and relax. Sage is a very purifying plant and I use it in a lot of my cooking. And also, burning Sage is a very good way to clean out energy and things like that. It was an easy choice to put these two flavours together and I just feel like they go so well together.”

Help us celebrate this great milestone with Serena – cheers to finding balance.