August 03, 2022

It feels like the world is slowly opening back up - people are gathering, enjoying each other’s company, and getting out to doing things together. However, the last few years brought a number of changes to habits of consumers. 

The non-alcoholic movement is gaining momentum, going from a small but mighty following, to becoming a much larger part of the market with a loud voice.

A culture once split by people who drank and people who abstained is now giving way to a new, more balanced way of thinking. In fact, 58% of people who drink no and low alcohol drinks switch between non-alcoholic and alcoholic options in the same sitting. Non alcoholic options are growing in availability in almost every situation you’d find standard alcoholic drinks - from music festivals, to venues, to restaurants - mostly because fans are demanding it.

The difference? People are realizing that the fun is in the atmosphere, not the alcohol. Companies are creating interesting, innovative beverages that are delicious and social, while being non-alcoholic. People have a choice.

Food has always been a strong connector of people, so it’s no surprise that restaurants are now busier than ever. Restaurants are a key gathering place - they make us feel comfort, love, and familiarity with delicious food, good drinks, and great friends. 

Many restaurants now see that people want more choice, and have been expanding their drink menus to capture this new, more balanced way of drinking. Menus featuring alcohol free cocktails and non-alcoholic craft beers like Libra are becoming more and more normalized and expected. They’re the perfect way to enjoy the evening with your favourite people, eating a fantastic meal, while still being able to drive and getting the most out of your morning. So eat the food. Drink the red. Then enjoy the non-alc. 

We want to shout out all of our current restaurant partners who are changing with the times and giving the good people what they want. All of us here at Libra thank you.

The list of restos you can find Libra at is constantly growing, keep an eye out for us all across Canada. Want more non-alc options? Ask your favourite local spots to start carrying us. Every location adds to the movement!