July 21, 2021

When we started brewing craft beer in 2015, we promised ourselves we'd never lose our creative spirit. We'd never stop experimenting. We'd never stop trying new things. 

When we released our non-alcoholic craft beer in 2020, we vowed to carry our curiousity over to brand new territory. So, we decided we wanted to let you, the wonderful people who drink Libra, help us decide what to brew. 

We've released a trial run of a brand new Pilsner - this is a deliciously light and crisp pilsner with malty sweetness, floral aromas, and a gently bitter finish. Keeping with pilsner tradition, it's brewed with Saaz hops from the Czech Republic - and of course, with lager yeast.

We'd love for you to try the brand new non-alc in our lineup starting THIS FRIDAY and tell us what you think. You can email us, hit us up on social (Facebook or Instagram), or rate us underneath the product right here on our site. We'll gather the data and use your actual feedback when making further batches. Neat, huh? 

Thanks for the help, cheers to new beers!