May 04, 2021

May is the month of new, fresh life. We air out our homes, hang up the heavy jackets (most of the time anyway), and look forward to a long and luxurious Canadian summer.

We want to share our love of Spring by spreading wildflowers across Canada to support our pollinators 🐝

Starting May 7th and for a limited time, in every 24 pack of Libra we’ll include a bee feed mix of wildflowers for you to grow to attract honey bees, bumble bees and other native bees. Bees will forage on the nectar and pollen, which provide needed carbohydrates and protein to help them thrive. This mix is packaged by Vesey’s Seeds in York, PEI, and is composed of 20 annuals and perennials that will bloom all season long.

Don’t have a garden? No problem - wildflowers can thrive in containers as well, and is a perfect option for people who want to add a splash of colour but are lacking in space.

Just our way of bringing a little bit of colourful life to your home with a purpose. Seeds for bees, delicious non-alcoholic craft beer for you. 

Order your 24 pack here for your bee feed mix + FREE shipping.