March 14, 2022

Are you looking for balance this St. Patrick’s Day but still want to participate in some of the fun? Here’s a few of our ideas for a dry holiday: 

1. Host an Irish potluck:

 Get some of your best buds together for a traditional Irish feast- stews, soda bread, Irish coffee, bread pudding and more. Don’t know much about Irish cooking? This is a perfect time to expand your knowledge!

2. Watch an Irish movie:

There are so many good movies set in Ireland worth setting aside some time to watch. We’re talking PS. I Love You, Brooklyn, Leap Year, Once and The Guard for starters.

3. Drink a non-alcoholic stout.

Nothing says Irish tradition like sipping on a dark and delicious stout. Have you tried Libra Stout yet? Our flavor profile is closely aligned with that of a dry Irish stout, with notes of coffee and chocolate.

4. Put on some Irish tunes and learn an Irish jig!

There are many different types of traditional dances that originated in Ireland, from the Irish Ceili to the Irish Stepdance. Head on over to Youtube for some beginner tutorials and give it your best shot!

5. Tag along, but know how to say no. 

If you feel like strapping on the greenest piece of clothing you own and joining some friends at the local pub, don’t hold back! Just make sure you’re comfortable with the environment. We wrote some quick things you can say if people ask why you’re not drinking here.