October 31, 2023

Hi Libra Friends!

As the Community Manager here at Libra, and in the spirit of being mindful and transparent, I am going to hit you all with a little bit of truth - I did not succeed at Sober October. To be honest, I may never fully make it through, it may always be more of a sober-ish October for me, and that is okay. 

It’s a special month for me, and this one was extra special for a lot of reasons, as there was so much to celebrate!

I began my new role at Libra on September 25th, and my birthday is October 10th. My dad celebrates his birthday on October 3rd, and my older brother on October 9th. Needless to say, the festivities around Thanksgiving weekend are always busy and chaotic and beautiful for my family. This year, add in the wedding of one of my closest friends to her beloved, friends visiting from upstate New York for said wedding, art gallery exhibits hosted by old friends I hadn’t seen in 5 years, and several more birthdays, and I had the perfect recipe for probably the most social month of the year, if not my life.

Even still, as the epitome of a Libra - social and balanced - I feel the eternal need for harmony in all aspects of my journey. Within the threads of fun and chaos, I aim to stay true to intentionally resting and recharging whenever possible, throughout the whole year.

This final week of Sober October at Libra is themed around Goal Setting and Positive Mindsets. As I wrap up the end of the month and head into a much quieter and relaxed November, I look forward to completing some of my big goals for the year, both personally and professionally, and moving into 2024 with ease and a commitment to Dry January.

I think it is important that we all be more gracious with ourselves, and allow the flexibility to decide what is best for us in the times of coordinated chaos. With that, I am deeming this upcoming month “Tender November”, where I will take even more time for self care, compassion, and pause for gratitude. 

Libra Community Manager