July 12, 2023

Sunday, July 16th is NATIONAL CHERRY DAY! 


Nature has blessed us with many delicious fruits but few can rival the irresistible charm and deliciousness of cherries.

They’re more than just a pretty face! Cherries are packed with essential nutrients and offer several health benefits. These vibrant fruits are a great source of antioxidants and are also known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

So- how are you going to be celebrating on Sunday? We know what we’ll be doing. Cracking an ice cold Libra Cherry Sour- our favourite summer beverage that pairs perfectly with any occasion under the sun.


Fun fact - the sourness in sour beer comes from a blend of different lactic acids - and when mixed with the succulent sweetness and gentle tartness of cherries, it makes the perfect combination for a refreshing craft brew. 


Libra Cherry Sour is a 0.4% beer is a deliciously tangy cherry sour with a gentle tartness, sweet fruity notes, and a refreshing finish. Filled with Montmorency Cherries, it will absolutely quench your thirst after ALL of your favourite summer activities. 

We can confirm this beer tastes wonderful on a beach.

Our sour has tastes of tangy, tart pie crust and pairs well with foods like oysters, charcuterie boards with strong cheeses and sourdough breads. 

Get a charcuterie board set up on the patio, get those Cherry Libras in the fridge and invite some friends over for a little Sunday Funday- you won’t regret it. 

Order Libra Cherry Sour here. Happy Summer & Happy National Cherry Day!