November 09, 2021

Well, the results are in.

Libra Pilsner is a keeper. FOR GOOD.

We gathered all the data, read all your reviews and considered all the feedback you had about our trial batch- and here it is, the official third NA craft brew in the Libra line-up: Libra Pilsner.

This is a deliciously light and crisp 0.4% pilsner with malty sweetness, floral aromas, and a gently bitter finish. Keeping with pilsner tradition, it's brewed with Saaz hops from the Czech Republic - and of course, with lager yeast.

Sigh. We’re so happy to have this one back in our lives, forever. Available today, Wednesday November 10th!

Help us welcome it back accordingly. Cheers to you, and cheers to a new brew!