December 11, 2023

As the holiday season approaches, finding the perfect balance becomes more crucial than ever. Amidst the festive hustle, Libra emerges as your steadfast tool for finding that balance. In this guide, discover delightful alternatives, savoury food pairings, and tantalizing cocktails that promise to elevate your Libra experience and make your holidays not just merry, but perfectly balanced.

Alternatives + Food Pairings

  1. If you like Pale Ale, try the IPA for a bolder hop profile.

Food Pairing: Pair it with spicy chicken wings or a classic cheese platter. 

  1. If you like IPA, try the Stout for a richer, maltier experience.

Food Pairing: Enjoy with grilled burgers or spicy barbecue dishes.

  1. If you like Stout, try the Lavender Sage Cream Ale for a unique flavor combination.

Food Pairing: Indulge in chocolate desserts or a hearty beef stew. 

  1. If you like Pilsner, try the Pale Ale for a slightly hoppier taste.

Food Pairing: Perfect with seafood, especially grilled shrimp or fish tacos.

  1. If you like Cherry Sour, try the Lime Lager for a refreshing twist.

Food Pairing: Pair with a goat cheese salad or fruity desserts like cherry cobbler.

  1. If you like Lavender Sage Cream Ale, try the Pilsner for a crisp, clean taste.

Food Pairing: Goes well with light salads, herbed chicken, or lemon-infused dishes.


  1. If you like Lime Lager, try a Lime Michelada cocktail for a spicy kick.
  2. If you like Pale Ale, try mixing it with a splash of lemonade for a refreshing Shandy.
  3. If you like IPA, try mixing it with berry juice and a splash of soda for a fruity IPA cocktail.
  4. If you like Stout, try pouring it over vanilla ice cream for a delicious Stout float.
  5. If you like Cherry Sour, try mixing it with Lime Lager and a splash of soda for a fruity and refreshing fizz.
  6. If you like Lavender Sage Cream Ale, try mixing the beer with homemade lavender-infused lemonade.

In a season often marked by indulgence, let Libra be your guide to a balanced and enjoyable celebration. Whether you're savouring the crispness of a Pilsner or exploring the unique blend of Lavender Sage Cream Ale, these non-alcoholic craft beers offer a refreshing break, ensuring your holiday moments are rich in flavour and free from compromise. Cheers to socializing without sacrifice this holiday season! 🍻