July 20, 2022

International Self Care day is coming up this Sunday and we feel VERY strongly about it here at Libra.

The International Self Care Day, 24 July, symbolizes that the benefits of self care are experienced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In other words, the benefits of self-care are life-long and do not just relate to a single day.

Being balanced in your life is all about taking care of yourself and making time for what’s important to you! What better way to celebrate this Sunday than with a day full of self care?

During the crazy summer months, it’s so much easier to let self care slide. We’ve put together a list of how the team here plans to spend this coming Sunday and we hope it will inspire you to celebrate properly.

1- Read a book

We think slowing down, resting your mind and relaxing long enough to crack open a book is a really great form of self care. Swap out the phone or laptop for something you’ve been meaning to read, we promise it will be very rewarding!

2- Go for a walk

It sounds simple enough (because it is) but trust us, it works! Getting outside and exploring around is so good for the mind and soul. Take it all in, listen to the nature around you and get some gentle exercise and fresh summer air.

3- Order in for dinner

Treat yourself guilt free! Skip the cooking and order in from your favourite takeout place. Sushi, curry, Thai, whatever it is, you deserve it.

4- Lay down and relax

Whether it be in a hammock, on a beach towel, or a picnic blanket, just DO IT. Lay down and chill out. Pop in those headphones and listen to one of your most loved playlists.

5- Have an at home spa day

One of our favourite ways to unwind is with a healthy dose of skincare and bathing. Make a DIY face mask, give yourself a pedicure and enjoy a good old fashioned bubble bath with some essential oils.

We hope you spend this coming Sunday focused on one thing and one thing only: YOU! May our list inspire you to give yourself a proper pampering and act as a reminder to make self care more prominent in your routine this summer.

We cheers a cold Libra to you!