March 30, 2022

Here at Libra, our mission has always been to produce a really authentic tasting beverage for people who don’t want to sacrifice their social life (or flavours they love) but who are trying to change their relationship with alcohol. 

We want to make the balancing not only easier but enjoyable at the same time. We want to continue to help people achieve their own personal goals. So, there really is nothing better than when we hear testimonials or read reviews from our customers about how Libra has made some sort of impact on their life. 

Here are a few that made us smile. 

“Libra achieved the impossible with this one. When I stopped drinking, I thought I'd never be able to enjoy a decent hazy (my favourite!) again... but the team at Libra have outdone themselves again. The Hazy IPA is unbelievably good. Thank you Libra for making sure I never have to feel like I'm missing out on anything but the hangover!”- Lauren

“Loving the Libra life! Libra tastes just like regular craft beers without all the calories and side effects from alcohol. I love that I can drink one and not get the usual one beer sleepy effects or have as many as I want and am still sober. The flavours are amazing, so much so that I’m not missing my regular craft beers. Thanks so much for making these great choices so that my sober living doesn’t mean missing out on my favourite drink!”- Danielle

“Really tasty non-alcoholic option. In the last year I've been required to take medication that meant I had to cut out alcohol so I am always on the hunt for solid non-alcoholic options. This is one of the tastier ones I've tried - the IPA is particularly good! Would definitely recommend.”-Mallory

“The perfect near-beer option. After trying a few non-alcoholic beers over the years, I'd given up on finding a more healthy alternative. Delicious, refreshing, and amazingly true to their original counterparts, Libra is something I can drink daily without negative side effects. And I'm not missing the calories either!”- Paul

This is why we do what we do. We’re so grateful to be a part of so many different journeys- and thanks for coming on this wild one with us. Special thanks to these customers who took the time to write to us. Cheers to all our Libra lovers out there!