June 07, 2023

We are so excited to announce our launch

at HARVEST Clean Eats! 


HARVEST is a Halifax based fast-casual restaurant with locations popping up all over the Maritimes. Their chef driven dishes are made with only the best quality fresh ingredients that are made in-house, from scratch daily. Their goal is to transform the way people think about healthy eating while spreading the word about sustainable and local food systems. 

We really align with the wellness driven aspect of this business and are so, so excited about our partnership. Find Libra Pale Ale and Libra IPA on their summer menu!

To celebrate this launch, we are highlighting some of our fav Harvest menu items with some recommended Libra beer pairings. 

1- Blueberry Beet- IPA

The Blueberry Beet salad is full of ingredients like greens, blueberries, green apple, roasted beets, quinoa and nuts and seeds. The fresh fruit in this salad pair so nicely with the bursting tropical flavors of our IPA. A perfect match!

2- Thai Tofu Peanut Satay Bowl- Pilsner

The Thai Tofu Peanut Satay Bowl is a delicious Thai inspired power bowl full of things like peanut marinated tofu, fresh vegetables and toasted coconut. The Thai flavors and ingredients in this dish are MADE to be enjoyed with the light crispness of Libra Pilsner. 

3- Butternut Squash Soup- Pumpkin Spice

Harvest has TONS of other delicious food options outside of their popular salads and bowls. Try their yummy Butternut Squash Soup as a side or on it’s own- and pair it with the sweet and spicy notes from Libra Pumpkin. Perfection!

4- Chicken Avocado Pesto Panini- Cherry Sour

Also available at Harvest are some hearty and healthy sandwich options. You can get a few in wrap or panini format- and here’s one we recommend pairing with our Libra Cherry Sour. The Chicken Avocado Pesto in a panini comes on multigrain bread with roasted chicken, fresh avocado & tomato, with crumbled feta and some delicious sauces. The tanginess and tartness from Cherry Sour are a match made in heaven with all the above ingredients!

5- Cobb Crunch- Pale Ale

The Cobb Crunch is inspired by the classic Cobb- and is wonderfully paired with our classic Libra brew, the Pale Ale. It has all the fresh veggies you love as well as a hard boiled egg, pickled red onion and Harvest signature vinaigrette. Sip on our light and refreshing Pale Ale while you eat this- the freshness of the salad brings out the crisp finish of our brew.

6- Spinach Salad- Stout 

We love pairing our Libra Stout with rich flavor profiles- which is exactly what you’ll find in Harvest’s Spinach Salad. You’ll find maple walnuts, sweet potato patties, goat cheese, roasted brussel sprouts and dried cranberries. All of these things taste incredible with the smooth finish of our chocolatey stout. 

We hope you’ll try some of the above pairings this summer! Check out their full menu here and look out for Libra Pale and Libra IPA at a Harvest location near you.