October 02, 2020

Upstreet Brewing’s founding was based on a shared passion for craft beer. This has remained at the core of our operations in creating several flagships over the past five years. Despite the success of our taproom and retail sales across the Maritimes, we realized there was a gap in our product line. With a desire to provide beer lovers an inclusive product that can be enjoyed at any time and on any occasion, we are excited to add Upstreet Brewing’s first-ever non-alcoholic craft beer to our product line!


Introducing Libra, by Upstreet Brewing

Libra was inspired by the need for finding balance. It wasn’t long before we discovered that working in the beverage industry required constant sampling and socializing, beer being at the center of it all. With a motivation to socialize without sacrifice, a non-alcoholic beer seemed like the answer to finding our balance. With Libra, you can enjoy the same great hops and flavours while consuming only a fraction of the calories and no alcohol. Even better, you can indulge in Libra without experiencing any hangover symptoms. All of the fun and none of the headaches! 


Refreshing the Whole Community

The community has always been an influential factor in our initiatives at Upstreet Brewing. We established our brewery with the goal of creating more of a sense of community on our island.  In 2016, we proudly became the first B-Corp Certified business in Prince Edward Island. The certification recognizes Upstreet Brewing as a forceful community leader. We aspire to use our business to solve social and environmental problems, and most importantly, bring people together. 

We soon realized that if we wanted to refresh our entire community, we needed to create an inclusive product that can represent everyone. Not to mention, global trends continue to emphasize the importance of health and wellness. We knew this could be a good opportunity to help remove the preconceived notions people have around choosing non-alcoholic beer as a conscious choice. With Libra, we are happy to be able to provide people with a delicious, refreshing, non-alcoholic, craft choice. 


Libra 101

As craft beer fantatics, our priority in creating Libra was ensuring authentic craft flavours. We want you to choose Libra not only as a non-alcoholic alternative, but because of its great taste, hops, and aromas. Libra is a light and refreshing pale ale with tropical aromas and a crisp finish. Although the beer is lighter in body, you can still enjoy the same great “hoppiness” that is desired in craft beer. Libra contains 0.4% alcohol and is only 30 calories. You won’t feel like you’re compromising great taste for no-alcohol when you drink Libra!


(Non-Alcoholic) Brew Masters

If you’re curious about how we created a non-alcoholic beer that didn’t sacrifice any craft character, here it goes. Our research began two years ago, and since then finding the perfect brewing method has consisted of a lot of trial and error. We first tried several traditional approaches which proved they wouldn’t be able to capture the full-flavoured pale ale we desired. That said, new products often require a contemporary process. We shifted our course to one of our own. Libra is essentially brewed the same way as our other alcoholic beer. We make small tweaks throughout the process to ensure the beer doesn’t ferment past 0.4% alcohol, while still allowing for full-body flavours. Surely, our craft was not compromised in the making of our non-alcoholic choice!

Upstreet Brewing is excited to bring Libra to market in hopes of helping people find their balance. By offering a non-alcoholic craft beer, we are happy to be able to help you indulge and have fun and still wake up the next morning feeling like your best self. Libra fits your life, not the other way around.