June 23, 2022

What do we love almost as much as we love beer? Snacks. 

We’ve made it easy for you this summer with an official snacking guide- tested by professionals. Here’s our recommendations: 

Pairs well with a Libra Pale Ale:

Our Pale Ale is light and refreshing with tropical aromas. It goes hand in hand with trail mix and our favourite is FUJI- Premium Salty Mix from Prana Organics. The saltiness of the mix is complemented by the crisp finish of the beer. Truly heavenly. 

Another perfect combination is our Pale Ale and Granola. We can’t get enough of the Granola Bar Mix from Made With Local. It only takes 10 minutes to get nourishing granola bars coming fresh out of your own oven! Need we say more?

Pairs well with a Libra Cherry Sour: 

Our Cherry Sour is deliciously tangy and tart- which means it pairs perfectly with cheeses. Our favourite cheesy snacks for the summer are the Cheesy Cauliflower Crisps made by Hippie Snacks. Trust us, the refreshing finish of the sour and the yummy cheese flavour are a perfect match!

Pairs well with a Libra Stout:

Our Libra Stout is dark and delicious and we like to pair this one with something roasted. The rich, smooth finish of the stout goes very well with pretzels- we recommend Twigz Original Blend or Twigz Fire Roasted Jalapeno. Mmmm.

Pairs well with a Libra IPA:

Our Libra IPA is bursting with tropical aromas and flavours. We recommend pairing this with something fresh tasting- like a delicious vegan gummy. SQUISH candy has an amazing Vegan Fruit Punch gummy pack that we are obsessed with. No sugar coating, just soft, fruit explosions of vegan happiness. They’re perfect to be washed down with a delicious IPA!

Happy snacking!