October 04, 2022

Welcome to Sober October!

Whether you are cutting out alcohol completely or just taking a step back to examine your relationship with alcohol, we’re going to be cheering you on every step of the way.

Taking a break from drinking can sometimes be much needed for not only our wellness but our mental health as well. As easy as it sounds to commit to a full month off, you may encounter some speed bumps along the way. A great way to make the adjustment easier is by connecting with others in the community who are in the exact same boat.

We’ve included some tools and resources from like minded people that we think will be really useful to you during the next few weeks! 

1. Dry Society Girls: 

Dry Society Girls is a community that celebrates a new side to sobriety. The choice to be sober or drink in moderation can be just that: a choice. It doesn’t have to mean a drastic shift to your lifestyle or who you are fundamentally. 

Whether you are alcohol-free, drinking in moderation, or just curious, they are here to inspire and inform you with tips and resources to navigate different social settings, to expand your repertoire of non-alcoholic drinks, and show you the hottest restaurants & bars that offer the best drinks to elevate your experience. 

Join the Club on Instagram. 

2. Sunnyside:

Sunnyside, for anyone not familiar with the app, is THE ONLY alcohol tracking, planning and coaching app that’s all about mindfulness and moderation, not sobriety. Check out our full blog about this awesome company for more info, and how to get started with a quick 3 minute quiz!

3. Sarah Kate & Some Good Clean Fun:

Sarah Kate is a leader in the non-alcoholic space and has been spreading the good word about her expertise in products and what’s out there. Check out her website and Instagram for mocktail inspiration, the new NA trends and sober motivation. 

4. Sober City Halifax:

For a local maritime take on non-alcoholic events, activities and shopping near you, Sober City is a website, a community, an idea all centered around connecting people in sobriety and enjoying life without alcohol. Check out what’s new and exciting on their website.

5. Mocktail Girlie: 

If you're looking to shake up your NA routine and are looking for some mocktail inspo, you should check out our friend Mocktail Girlie on TikTok. You'll find tons of easy and delicious looking drinks that will keep you inspired all month long! 


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6. Sober City Movement: 

Sober City Movement is another great place to look for NA events near you! Their website and Instagram are places for anyone sober or sober curious to find communities and events near them. They started in Seattle, but they now have presence in multiple cities across North America - find your nearest group!