April 14, 2022

Know what we love more than weekends? LONG weekends. 

This long weekend, we hope you are surrounded by people you love, delicious food and drink, and relaxation. We’ve got you covered on the drink portion of that equation - choose between our five non-alcoholic craft beers to help keep you going all weekend long! 

As far as the food goes, we have some suggestions. Check out these food pairings we recommend for all our different Libra flavours:

Have you tried our new Cherry Sour yet? This one is a tangy sour with a gentle tartness, sweet fruity notes and a refreshing finish. Pair it with the appetizers - oysters, sourdough bread, charcuterie and strong cheeses!

Libra Pale Ale is a light and refreshing pale ale with tropical aromas and a crisp finish that pairs perfectly with a heaping plate of fish tacos, or some rolls of sushi (try making it at home!)

Libra IPA? Yes please. This balanced IPA is bursting with tropical aromas and flavours of tropical fruit and mango. For this one, we suggest teaming it up with a bowl of ramen or some juicy pulled pork sliders.

Libra Pilsner’s time to shine. It is a light and crispy pilsner with malty sweetness, floral aromas and a gently bitter finish. The Czech hops match up with dishes such as fish and roasted potatoes, shellfish or a fresh garden salad. 

Libra Stout is a delicious chocolatey stout with aromas of coffee and a rich, smooth finish. The roasted malts and oats that it’s brewed with go really nicely with savory flavors like chicken pot pie, stews and roasted veggies!

Sounds like a pretty good feast to us. We hope this gives you some inspo in the kitchen! Happy long weekend, we cheers a Libra to you!