April 30, 2021

Finding the perfect mother’s day gift may feel even more crucial this year than others. Moms deserve extra love for navigating another year of emotional uncertainty. Here are a few tips to deliver last minute but impactful gifts for all of the wonderful mothers in your life.

1) Focus on topics or experiences.
Can’t seem to figure out exactly what Mom wants? Think about what she likes to do - or would like to do if she had time. Put together an experience package for her with multiple smaller gifts that she’ll love.
Our suggestion: Date Night care package: throw her favourite bottle of wine with some cheese and meats in a basket with new wine glasses and a hand-printed guide to suggested movies to stream. We suggest a cabernet sauvignon, craft beer or non-alcoholic craft beer like Libra if she’s looking for a little more balance.

2) Melt her heart.
You can show Mom what she means to you without spending a dime by thinking about how you could make her life easier. Give Mom some much-deserved time off by creating custom coupons she can use for anything from foot rubs to cleaning services that you’ll do for her. She can redeem these coupons whenever she’d like, making the gift last much longer than one day!
Our suggestion: Focus on a few aspects of life with the coupons - fun (activity-based coupons like going for bike rides), work (career-based like making her lunches), house (cleaning or organizing) and relaxation (bubble baths and date nights).

3) Practical isn’t bad!
First, a warning - you have to know your audience with this one. But after polling the mothers on our team, we quickly discovered some of our favourite Mother’s Day gifts weren’t the conventional chocolates and flowers. They were the items that genuinely made our lives easier. Our favourite gifts included a family calendar for the kitchen, a new commuting bike, a journal in a favourite colour, and, oddest of all, a cheese grater with “just the right size grate”. 
Our suggestion: This is when you need to put your listening ears on year-round. Pay attention to the small things she says or complains about over the year, and make notes in your phone so you don’t forget.

4) Everyone loves nostalgia.
We all see the past through rose-coloured glasses, and old memories are a way to anyone’s heart. Take something that represents a moment in time and have it framed or mounted for them to look at fondly for years to come. 
Our suggestion: A rose from their wedding bouquet, some children’s artwork, a favourite family photo, or a ticket stub from a concert. Anything that’ll make their heart sing, and their eyes tear up with fond memories. 

Mother’s day comes around every year, but these days, we lean on our Moms a lot more. Get her something thoughtful and from the heart, and show her how much you care.