January 03, 2024

During Dry January, we're finding balance by sipping and savouring our delicious brews AND embracing the power of community! Here at Libra, we encourage a more mindful lifestyle that encourages balance and socializing without sacrifice. And we love connecting with others who are doing the same. 

Here are a few of our friends making moves in the non-alc space that support our mission and offer a sense of community:

Sarah Kate's Some Good Clean Fun

Dive into a world where the vibrant and non-alcoholic lifestyle is celebrated. Sarah Kate's 'Some Good Clean Fun' magazine is a treasure trove of inspiration, offering tips on the art of crafting delicious, alcohol-free drinks and living a balanced and joyful life.

Drink Vecina

For those in the Toronto area, Drink Vecina is not just an online shop, it's a thriving community that hosts public and private tasting events. Connect with like-minded individuals, explore new flavours, and be part of a supportive space that understands the importance of socializing without compromising your commitment to a sober (curious) lifestyle.


Step into the world of Sunnyside – a system carefully crafted to help you approach drinking with mindfulness. As you navigate your own path, Sunnyside becomes your companion, providing the tools to reach your goals and create intoxicating experiences without a single drop of alcohol. It's not just a system; it's a mindset shift towards a more fulfilling life.

Libra is more than a beverage, it's a lifestyle. As you embrace Dry January with us and your own community, let these resources support you throughout your journey. Join us as we celebrate balance, connection, and the beauty of socializing without sacrifice.