May 13, 2022

Picture this: you’re out to eat with some old friends. It’s going to be an amazing evening with delicious food, laughter and lots of quality time to catch up with one another. There’s just one problem. As you scroll through the restaurant’s menu, you’re seeing an extremely large selection of wines, signature cocktails, draught beers from breweries around the city…but for non-alcoholic options, almost nothing to choose from. 

That’s what we are trying to change here at Libra! 

We have been busy working behind the scenes to help make it easier for Canadians to have options. If you don’t have an option, there are no options. 

Driving the change hasn’t been easy but we believe it’s finally time for non-alcoholic products to take center stage. Not just in restaurants and bars, but liquor stores. 

We are SO extremely proud to announce that Libra will officially be launching in the LCBO in the coming weeks!

This announcement is massive for us for many reasons. One, we have worked extremely hard to make it happen and two, because it is proof that NA products are more than ready to take over the hospitality & beverage industries.

We want people to be able to sit down with friends, enter a liquor store, attend a music festival and be able to make that choice easily, knowing that they are finding their balance AND it’s tasting really good. 

Keep your eyes out for us at LCBOs all over Ontario- and more restaurants to follow! Here’s to an amazing summer full of options.