October 19, 2022

We are already into Week THREE of Sober October- time is flying, we’re feeling amazing and we hope you are too. 

These past few weeks, we’ve been loving the excuse to drink a ton of delicious NA products and we want to share with you our favourites so far- some inspiration for your last leg of #SO! Dry doesn't have to be boring.


OPUS is a handcrafted alcohol free cocktail in a can produced in Vancouver, B.C. by internationally award-winning mixologist Christos Kalaitzis. OPUS features real ingredients and naturally crafted flavours made with bitters and tinctures that are made with real spices and herbs and all-natural crafted flavours. All from things that you can actually pronounce. OPUS also has 0 sugar, 0 calories and is vegan! What more can you ask for? Check them out here.

2- Piquette

From the creators of Benjamin Bridge, Piquette Zero is an alcohol free wine-style beverage with natural flavours, hops and sea salt. With their knowledge gained from making fine sparkling wines and artisanal light wine refreshers, they created a delicious non-alc version that’s perfect for every occasion. Read more about Piquette here.

3- Sobrii

Sobrii 0-Gin is Canada’s first distilled non-alcoholic gin and is distilled in small batches at a Stratford craft distillery. It uses quality natural ingredients, including Canadian Ginseng from Ontario, and has no artificial flavours, sugars, sweeteners or calories! This is perfect for people who want to enjoy classic cocktails or drink socially without the alcohol. Find out more here.

4- Walter’s Caesar Mix

For all the Caesar lovers- Walter’s has a non-alcoholic craft caesar mix for you. Classically seasoned with hot sauce, spices & Worcestershire sauce, this ready-to-serve mix makes a perfect Caesar Cocktail each & every time. More info here.

5- Silver Swallow

Silver Swallow is the world's first champagne-inspired non-alcoholic kombucha. They use the most premium teas to craft fermented, non-boozy bevvies worthy of toasting. Well-balanced and tea-forward, their bubbles are healthy and high-end! Find out more info here.

We're so lucky to have such amazing, diverse options here in the non-alc space keeping us well hydrated all month long. We hope you give a few of these a try and let us know your favourites. 

Here's to crushing the final few weeks!