January 17, 2022

Welcome to the third week of Dry January! 

Last week, we were all about meditating, being still and finding balance.

Our Director of Sales, Deb, had the chance to sit down with Rich Knox on our Instagram live to chat about his experience with mediation and how he finds balance in the music industry. Rich is the drummer for popular Toronto trio Danko Jones- known for their hard rock/punk music and energetic live shows. 

Born and raised on Prince Edward Island, Rich started playing music professionally at the age of 15. He’s played in some of the smallest and dingiest of bars, and on some of the biggest stages in the world. He has been the drummer in Danko Jones since late 2013, recording 4 studio and 2 live albums with the band; their newest album, Power Trio reaching #1 on the German Rock Radio Charts.

In 2018, Rich began a deep study and exploration of exercise science, nutrition and mindfulness, inspired in part by seeking to optimize his own performance and wellness on the road. Rich has developed a human-centred approach to wellness and performance coaching, drawing from evidence-based research, and his own experience from over 25 years of performing. He founded Performers’ Health in 2021.

Check out this convo from our Instagram live to dive deeper! Thanks so much for chatting with us, Rich.