September 26, 2023

October is fast approaching, marking the commencement of Sober October – a time to embrace a break from alcohol.

At Libra, we're right by your side, dedicated to supporting you throughout your Sober October journey. Whether you're a first-time participant, a seasoned veteran, or someone exploring a reduction in alcohol intake, we're here for you. Throughout the month, we will be sharing educational content, offering motivation, providing tips to help you stay on track, presenting creative recipe ideas, and even hosting exciting giveaways!

Finding balance is one of our core values here at Libra, which begins with setting meaningful intentions – which we’re here to assist you with by using our Libra Sober October Intentions & Reflections Calendar. This calendar is designed to help you maintain focus throughout the month and allows you to track your intentions, set achievable goals, record your daily moods, and makes time for valuable reflection each day. Our aim is for you to use this calendar as a tool to look back on your Sober October journey and see real changes. 

Mindfulness is deeply ingrained in our culture at Libra, and we firmly believe that the well-being of our team significantly enhances our capabilities within the company. We want to extend this value to our customers as well, and this is one of many steps in that direction.

With each purchase of our Libra Sober October Bundle, we will be gifting one of these calendars, but it is also available for download here. Simply right-click on the calendar and print it to get started:


Sober October Intentions Calendar Week 1 & 2
Sober October Intentions Calendar Week 3 & 4

We hope you’ll join us on our pledge to sobriety this October as one of many ways to find your balance!