June 14, 2023

Activities to do with Dad + Libra this Father’s Day

We’ve come up with some wholesome adventures to do with your Dad this coming Sunday- preferably with a deliciously cold Libra in hand. Here’s our suggestions:

Host a BBQ: No matter how much your pops loves grilling- give him a break this year and surprise him with a delicious BBQ meal. Here are a ton of healthy and interesting grilling recipes for you to test out.

Outdoor Adventure: If it’s nice outside where you live- plan a day of hiking, camping, fishing, or biking with your dad. It’ll be chicken soup for the soul, good exercise for the both of you and bonding in the great outdoors!

Sports Day: Organize a friendly sports tournament involving your dad's fav sports- or sports you both would enjoy playing together. Play a game of basketball, soccer, disc golf, or create a mini-golf course in your backyard.

DIY Project: Is your dad the crafty type? Plan a DIY project that you and your dad can work on together. It could be building a birdhouse, creating a customized picture frame, or even refurbishing a piece of furniture! Check out Facebook marketplace for some gems that need retouching.

Memory Lane Trip: Plan a trip down memory lane by visiting meaningful places from your dad's past. It could be his childhood home, a favorite park, or a place he used to work. Spend time reminiscing and hearing stories from his past- you won’t regret learning more about your old man!

Movie Marathon: If it’s a rainy day, why not set up a cozy movie night at home? Let your dad choose his favourite old films or create a theme-based movie marathon. Don't forget to prepare some popcorn and snacks.. And Libras.

No matter what you end up doing, nothing will beat quality time. Happy Father's Day to all the Libra dads out there! Cheers.