October 10, 2021

This month, we are excited to team up with a few amazing folks who are participating in Sober October with us. We want to learn more about how they find their balance and what the next month means to them. 

Our first Q&A is with Krista Doyle, a badass momma from PEI. 

Hey Krista, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hey guys, my name is Krista and I’m 37 years old. I’m a mom and a momma-to-be, having a baby in March. I am also the owner and operator of Beast Mode Mommas women’s fitness and wellness. I love to help women and am specialized in pre and post natal women. That’s my passion, that’s my love.

What intentions are you setting for yourself this fall?

My intentions this fall are to work on having the right perspective about everything in life. If we change our perspective, we change the way we look at things and negative things may not be so negative when we look at them differently.

Why do you think Sober October is becoming more popular?

I think people participate to see if they do really have the control that they think they do over alcohol in their life. 

Why do you drink NA beer?

I drink non-alcoholic beer and I drink Libra because I like me for who I am and I don’t need to escape myself anymore. I just really want to be my best self every single moment of every single day. 

How has Libra been a part of your life?

Well, Libra’s been a big part of my life. Number one because I love it and number two because I can go out and have a beer that’s not full of calories and not full of carbs, that tastes super good. I can enjoy myself and meet my friends and socialize and go to Craft Beer Corner and have a good night and still be ME. I appreciate that, Libra. I really do. And it’s nice to be able to go to stores in Prince Edward Island and support local even if you don’t drink alcohol. 

What is your favourite type of NA beer?

Oh my god. 100% the Hazy IPA. I used to love the Go Devil American IPA and the Hazy is basically a non-alcoholic version of it. It’s so good and I’m obsessed with it. Thank you for making this kind because it’s so satisfying. 

Thanks so much for talking to us, Krista! Happy Sober October.