October 16, 2021

This month, we are excited to team up with a few amazing folks who are participating in Sober October with us. We want to learn more about how they find their balance and what the next month means to them. 

Our second Q&A is with Shayla Murnaghan from PEI.

Hello Shayla! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hello all! I am Shayla Murnaghan, from @soberwithshay on Instagram. I am twenty-eight and a proud Charlottetown local. I am a Legal Assistant and have two beautiful fur babies that keep me busy.

What intentions are you setting for yourself this fall?

Setting intentions is so important to me and part of my daily life. Setting intentions helps me live a more mindful and simplistic life. My intentions for this fall are:

  •  Practice gratitude
  •  Be essential with my time and space
  •  Live simplistically

Why do you think Sober October is becoming more popular?

Sober October is becoming more popular because an alcohol-free lifestyle is becoming normalized. When you think of all the benefits even just one month can have on the body and mind, it’s appealing. It is an opportunity to see the role alcohol plays in your life.

What has your journey been like?

My journey started with a book. I picked up a copy of Sober Curious three years ago and I began to reflect heavily on my relationship with alcohol. The past few years have been an exploration of self. I have learned that living a sober life allows me to live authentically. I have had difficulties to overcome, but this year has been amazing. I have created an online community and have found support from all over the world!

How has Libra been a part of your life?

Libra has been a huge part of my life in the past year. When I drank alcohol, it was normally beer so when I gave up drinking, there was a huge part of my life missing. When Libra first launched, I was so excited! Local non-alcoholic beer, low in calories, and tastes AMAZING. Any social event, I have my trusty Hazy IPAs with me.

What is your favourite type of NA beer?

Hazy IPA! Easily the best non-alcoholic beer I have had. Partake Red is a nice fall beer as well.

Anything else you’d like to mention?

If you are Sober Curious and do not know where to start, my door (Instagram page) is always open & I would love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for talking to us, Shayla! Go follow her on Instagram at @sobershay! Happy Sober October from all of us at Libra