July 27, 2022

Summer is all about spending time outside to enjoy the sun, trying new things and doing fun activities with your friends and family. No matter what you’re doing, try swapping out alcohol for a Libra. 

Why you may ask? Alcoholic beverages are often associated with usual summer fun. For example, getting out for a golf game or taking that new boat for a spin, it’s become so ingrained in our culture that it’s often overlooked. 

We challenge you to try choosing Libra over an alcoholic beer the next time you’re getting out to do something. You may notice that your round of golf has improved without that usual buzz. Here are a few other summer activities that we think would be elevated with a delicious, cold non-alcoholic brew. 


Our friend Alexei took some Libra out to the Toronto waterfront for a fun day of paddleboarding and sightseeing- let’s just say he found his balance out there with the help of a non-alc brew! 




It’s extremely common to load up the cooler with beers and seltzers for a day of beaching. Try mixing it up with a couple Libras- your swimming/beach volleyball/frisbee skills will shine through!


If you love going for big long hikes, you know how good it feels to reward yourself with a cold drink at the end. With its ability to provide hydration & electrolytes with few calories, non alcoholic beer is one of the best options for a post workout recovery! 


Our director of sales, Deb, took finding her balance to the next level while finding her footing on her surfboard. What a well earned drink of Libra! 

Whatever you’re up to this summer, take us along for the ride. Tag us in any outdoor fun you find yourself having with a Libra.

Cheers to the last month of an amazing summer!