December 14, 2021

Ever wondered about Dry January? For us at Libra, it's more than cutting booze for a month.

Since originating in 2013, Dry January has only grown in popularity over the last 9 years, with participation skyrocketing in 2021. Its uses range from a fun challenge, a much-needed reset after over-indulging during the holidays, or an analysis of drinking habits. 

Whatever your reasons for participating, Dry January is about finding your balance - between being intentional about your health and wellness in 2022, and setting the right tone for the year ahead.

Take the Libra Dry January Pledge and lean on the power of community to help you crush your goals. We'll share weekly motivation, live classes, chats with experts, and of course, share our own Dry January motivations with you. We hope you share yours with us too.

As an extra perk, get $10 off your purchase when you sign up for the pledge.

Start your year off right and take the pledge now!