July 07, 2021

We've totally been there. Sometimes you just get a hankering for a cocktail - but don't want to spend the bucks gathering all the materials for a fancy drink. Maybe you're headed out for a night and want something a little more special, but still want to stick to non alc options for a better morning. 

We've got the perfect mixed drink that's super quick and easy and only takes a few ingredients, and is non alcoholic (so you can have as many as you like): the Libra Pale Ale Michelada!

You will need: 
Lemon wedge + Rim of your choice (we use Caesar) - Optional
1/2 can of Libra Pale Ale
1 shot of Lime Juice (fresh is best, but use what you have!)
1-1.5 cups of Clamato juice

Rim your glass of choice with lemon and give it a spin in Caesar rim. Fill the glass half full with Libra Pale Ale. Add a shot of lemon juice, and top up with Clamato juice. 

Yep, that's literally it. It tastes so refreshing and fancy, but it's incredibly easy. The best part is you get to have your cocktail and still feel great the next day. Happy drinking!