September 13, 2022

This week, we’re getting to know our team members a little better on our socials. We have such a fantastic group of individuals here at Libra and we hope you follow along and get to know us better! We want to get to know you better, too.

Upstreet has always been all about community, so it’s no surprise that Libra is too. 

Here at Libra, we are building our own community and movement where everyone can socialize without sacrifice, everywhere they go. 

We are eager to welcome more people into this balanced lifestyle of ours. 

Libra is building a community of like-minded individuals who really care about their health and wellness but want to be able to go out and socialize with their friends, go to concerts, go to sporting events, do the things they normally do without sacrificing their health.”- Mitch, our CEO.

If you’re just getting started on your wellness journey, or are curious about making a change, we welcome you with open arms.

“It’s not necessarily about a certain kind of person, about a certain way of living but it’s anybody that wants to make those small choices to make positive changes in their life.” -Marsha, Sales & Marketing.

Even though our community is growing, our team remains small and tight-knit. We all work incredibly hard and are passionate about the success of Libra. 

If you’ve met some of us at festivals or events, that isn’t a brand ambassador, that’s a real team member representing us. We encourage you to come introduce yourself, we’d love to meet you in person!

This week, we are heading to a few different shows and festivals around Canada. We are heading back to Fredericton for Harvest Music Festival as a non-alcoholic sponsor and are beyond excited to sample tons of Libra there. Harvest is the first festival that kicked things off for us and it holds a special place in our hearts. 

We will also be heading to the CHFA show in Toronto this week- another exciting opportunity for us. 

Come say hello, and we will welcome you into the Libra community with a high-five and a cold glass of Libra!