December 17, 2020

Libra's founder Mitch wants Dry January to be more than just booze-free.

I’m not going to start this with another 2020 one-liner or talk about how much better 2021 has to be than 2020. We’ve heard it all a million times. 

I want to talk about Dry January 2021, and how for me it isn’t just about drying out from the holidays and getting off booze. It’s about setting myself up for success in the year ahead.

In past years, Dry January didn’t interest me. I’ve always wondered why anyone would bother with such treachery in the middle of winter when there is no light, and nothing but cold winter days ahead. Why would I deny myself the beverages I love in such a dreary time of year? But I’ve come to realize that there’s more to Dry January - that cutting alcohol is not the end goal. It's the catalyst for positive change.

Dry January is about finding your balance in life between what you do, and what you do for yourself. It’s the strong starting point that will have a lasting impact on our health and wellness in 2021. I think we’ve all been there - setting New Year’s resolutions at five after midnight to a late rendition of Auld Lang Syne, only to wake up the next day with a splitting headache, craving a greasy brunch and asking yourself, “What did I say I was going to do?”. This year, I’m taking the whole month of January to set some good intentions for 2021, and I’m using the Dry January pledge to kickstart it. 

I’m replacing alcohol with good intentions to make me better in 2021. I’m hitting the reset button, making small easy changes that will become big positive habits and establishing some healthy routines for 2021. Change doesn’t have to be big to be powerful.

So join me and the Libra Team and take the Dry January Pledge. We’ll be doing weekly motivational check-ins, passing on resources to help you accomplish your goals, and of course, sharing our own Dry January motivations with you. We hope you share yours with us too. 

Until the end of December, take our Dry January pledge and get 25% off + free shipping on 24 packs of Libra non-alcoholic beer, so you can celebrate without sacrifice this January. 

We can take on 2021, and you can too.




Mitch Cobb is the founder and CEO of Libra Non-alcoholic Craft Beer. After working in the brewery industry for 5 years, Mitch was tired of feeling the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle and got focused on his health and wellness.