April 26, 2023


Are you trying out the sober curious lifestyle this summer but need inspiration and motivation? Here are some recommendations/resources for you to check out to get prepped and ready for the summer season!

1. Try new mocktails/NA products

The NA space is constantly growing and evolving. There are so many amazing non-alc products out there for you to try now- and the same goes for mocktails! Some of our fav products for summer are: 


Piquette Zero


Silver Swallow 


Drink Alive Kombucha mixed with a Libra of your choice

Mocktail Girlie on Tiktok


@mocktailgirlie It’s mocktail szn baby! #mocktailgirlie #mocktails #mocktailrecipe #sobercurious #mocktailsummer #summer #drinks #fyp ♬ original sound - 🐐


2.Try new summer recipes 

We love cooking with Libra- check out our fav mussel recipe from PEI Social Shell & Canada’s Food Island. The combo of our refreshing and tropical Pale Ale mixed with the distinctive rich flavour and slight brininess of fresh PEI mussels is a great reason to raise a glass and get sociable this summer (without sacrifice!)

Another one of our fav inspo for healthy cooking is BritaCooks on Tiktok- healthy, delicious and inspiring meals! Check her out here.

3. Visit a NA bar or a NA event 

Zero Proof Club (formerly known as Dry Society Girls) is a community that celebrates a new side to sobriety. They are here to inspire and inform you with tips and resources to navigate different social settings, to expand your repertoire of non-alcoholic drinks, and show you the hottest restaurants & bars that offer the best drinks to elevate your experience. Keep an eye on their Instagram for upcoming NA events near you!

Here's to an amazing summer of socializing without sacrifice!