September 27, 2022

October is coming quick and whether you've already taken the S.O pledge or are just curious about cutting back, rest assured that we've got everything you need to crush the month ahead. From motivation to moderation, we will be posting lots of information, resources and fun NA content throughout the next few weeks!

One of these tools is all about intentions and reflections. At Libra, mindfulness is embedded in our culture, and we believe that the health and well being of our team only makes us better in the jobs we do for our company. Many of our team members practice meditation, set personal and professional goals, and are encouraged to keep their health and wellness a top priority. We want to open up our culture and way of life to our customers, and this is a first step of many in that direction. 
Our Libra Sober October Intentions & Reflections Calendar is designed to help you stay focused during the month and we encourage you to use it to track your intentions and goals, your daily mood, and reflect on each day. We hope you can look back at the end of the month and see real changes! 

We are giving you this calendar as a gift with purchase all month long, or you can save it right here, by right clicking and then printing to get started:

We hope you'll follow along this October! Join us by taking the S.O pledge and let us help you find your balance ⚖