April 29, 2022

Balance is something we all crave. Whether it be trying to figure out the perfect work/life balance or keeping up with that balanced diet, the notion of balance is always at the forefront of our minds. 

The truth is, life is always moving. In order to live harmoniously, we need to continually move with it. 

The inspiration behind Libra came from working many years in the beverage industry. Constant sampling, mingling, late nights and lots of hangovers- craft beer was at the center of all of it. 

We needed something that would allow us to continue to do what we loved but without all of the headaches that came along with it. Socializing but without sacrifice. 

Libra was born to help us find our balance in the always bustling beverage industry. For us, this meant still being able to participate in events, concerts, dinners and parties while enjoying flavours of craft beer that we all love BUT also being able to wake up the next morning and hit the ground running. 

We chose the name Libra for a few different reasons. The word Libra dates back to 1350-1400 and comes from the latin word libra, which means ‘pair of scales.’ This symbol also represents the zodiac sign Libra which signifies the overarching personality trait of Libras- a desire for balance in all aspects of life. 

Balance means different things to different people. Maybe Libra is the reward you drink at the end of the marathon you’ve been working towards. Maybe Libra is the beverage you choose when you decide to switch things up and sober drive your friends on the weekend. Maybe you’re just trying to live a little healthier.

Wherever the need for balance comes from, we hope you’ll find it with us.