August 30, 2022

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”- Steve Jobs said in 2005 in front of a Stanford graduating class. 

At Libra, we strongly believe our team is the driving force behind our success. Our happiness is always the main thing boosting our performance, enhancing our productivity and helping us reach our own goals. 

What makes us love coming to work everyday? A few of our team members sat down to talk about it. 

 The #1 common denominator that makes us excited to work in the morning is.. the people. We’re so lucky to have such a tight knit group of individuals who all share different skills, big ideas and similar passions. 

“We’re all such a passionate group and we’re really just excited to be part of a bigger movement to really get non-alcoholic beverages into the hands of Canadians across the country. And that’s a really exciting thing to do every single day.”- Deb, our Sales Manager. 

Being such a new company and breaking into a market that is just beginning to grow makes coming to work everyday very different and exciting but it also presents many challenges. Marsha, our director of Sales & Marketing at Upstreet actually really likes that. 

“I love the challenge of working for Libra. Because people think they know what non-alcoholic craft beer tastes like until they taste ours. Then, they realize we’ve got something good. So, just being on the team that changes minds, it’s pretty fantastic.” 

Watching people try Libra products for the first time is absolutely energizing for the entire team. We love going to sample at festivals and events and watching people have that ‘oh, wow’ moment when they take the first sip. 

For our Brand Manager, Liz, being confident in the product is the reason she loves coming to work.

“It’s really exciting and it makes my job really easy to work for a product that I actually love.” -Liz.

So, what does the man behind our delicious beer love about coming to work? Brewing, of course.

“My favourite part of the job is honestly going right back to the beginning, when I’m in the brewery on my own, really getting connected with the ingredients and hands on in the beer making process. And cranking my own music and just belting it out.”- Hogie, our Brewmaster.

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