June 28, 2021

We’ve been keeping something under our hats (and trust us, it’s been VERY hard to do), but it’s finally time to share the news: Libra’s second style, Hazy IPA, debuts WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30!

Once our inaugural pale ale was perfected, our brewmaster Hogie set his sights on the next brew in the lineup. We knew we wanted to create an IPA; after 6 years in the craft brewing business, it’s still a style that’s near and dear to our hearts. Because of this, we weren’t willing to bend on flavour or feeling. Our non-alcoholic IPA had to look, taste and feel like an IPA.

After many trials of flavour and process, Libra Hazy IPA was perfected. Dry hopped with Strata, Idaho 7, El Dorado and Comet, this balanced IPA is bursting with tropical aromas. Smooth and hazy, it has flavours of tropical fruit and mango that’ll leave you wanting more - which is totally fine, because it’s only 50 calories and 0.4%. Is our brewmaster a genius? We think he might be a genius.

That’s the thing about creating non-alcoholic craft beer with years in the brewery business - we know what it takes to make incredible beer, and we don’t stop until it’s just right.

Libra Hazy IPA is officially for sale this Wednesday, June 30 - be amongst the first to try it!