November 22, 2022

Is it the most wonderful time of the year though? The holidays can be SO overwhelming. If you struggle to find balance during the chaotic season and end up feeling drained, down in the dumps and generally unhealthy- we want to help!

Here are some tips and tricks to staying sane, balanced and glowing this holiday season.

1) Practice mindfulness-
An awesome way to fight off overwhelming feelings is to connect with the present moment and focus on it. Whether you’re out shopping or at a dinner party, really try to tune into your environment and enjoy every second. This should hopefully kick those worrisome thoughts to the curb.

2) Stick to a budget-
Money is one of the main stressors that comes along with December. If you go in with a budget plan, it will help reign in your spending and make you feel more in control of where your money is going.

3) Space out your alcohol intake-
Parties and functions can add up. If you’re fully booked with events- it doesn’t mean you have to keep up the drinking. Space it out with some Libra, we are here to keep you balanced and on track! Your body and mind will thank you.

4) Set boundaries, say no-
If you’re feeling burnt out, it’s okay to make time for yourself, say no to something and take a night off. Unplug and get yourself back to feeling like you! Your mental health should be a priority.

5) Focus on the big picture-
Stress can arise when you focus on the tiny details and lose sight of the bigger stuff. If store lines are really long, if you burn the food- put a positive spin on it!

6) Make some time to exercise-
It’s easy to skimp on habits of self care when you are feeling busy all of the time. We recommend trying your best to make time every week for exercise even when it seems impossible. It will go a long way with helping ease your anxieties and feeling healthy.

7) Try to get lots of sleep-
On a similar note, try to get as much sleep as you can! It’s easy to fall out of your regular routine during the season, but your body will be so grateful for the rest.

8) For every treat, have a vegetable-
It’s Christmas, of course you should have comfort food and treats! Don’t beat yourself up if you over indulge at dinner. Our recommendation, as always, is finding that balance. Make sure you are getting your vegetable servings as well!

9) Turn off the phone-
Taking a break from social media during this time of year is the perfect way to breathe. It's easy to get caught up on what everyone else is doing, cooking, buying. Even if you put the phone down for a certain scheduled amount of time every day, we guarantee your mind will feel a little clearer.

10) Embrace it-
While the entire month can feel like a blur, it’s always such a special time with friends and family. Accept what you can’t control and do your best to soak it all in. Let your people know you are thankful for them!

From all of us here at Libra, here’s to a happy and balanced Holiday season ⚖🎄