January 10, 2023

"You’ve heard it again and again over the past few years: the non-alcoholic drinks industry is rapidly expanding as more people abstain from alcohol for health or other reasons. For a long time, this phenomenon sparked a demand to which there was little meaningful response from the brewing world in terms of higher-quality beers. But now, thanks to a handful of craft breweries across the country, there is a surplus of fantastic non-alcoholic beer options for those looking to cut down on the alcohol or eliminate it altogether. Below, we’ve rounded up the best non-alcoholic beers brewed in Canada today, all of which are widely available across the country."

"The non-alcoholic offshoot of Upstreet Brewing in Charlottetown, PEI, Libra brews types of beer rarely seen in the non-alcoholic space. The stout is a particular standout not only because it’s as rich as a pint of Guinness, but also because it’s not as rich calorically, coming in at 30 calories compared to a can of the Irish heavyweight’s 125. If insipid macro lagers from big breweries scared you off non-alcoholic beer, Libra’s stout is one to try."

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Source: Nuvo Magazine