January 05, 2023

There are more reasons than ever to linger on the non-alcoholic drinks section of a store or bar menu. You might be a habitual abstainer who’s single-handedly kept the soda gun industry in business, or joining the throngs of people committing to Dry January or just generally sober curious, influenced by time’s toll on your ability to weather hangovers. If so, it’s time to level up from La Croix and stock your bar cart with the very best non-alcoholic spirits, beers, bubbly and wines, to serve up with the smug knowledge that you can down 12 of them and still do Simone Biles-worthy cartwheels down a straight line.

But how to separate the eye-wateringly weird-tasting from the genuinely sippable? Well, we hit the (zero-proof) bottle to find the very best non-alcoholic drinks on the market right now. Bottoms up!

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Source: Toronto Star, Sarah Laing