December 12, 2022

CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI— Libra Beverage Co., a B-Corp Certified non-alcoholic beverage company on a mission to help people find their balance, is kicking off the New Year by bringing its award-winning non-alcoholic Libra IPA to Costco in Atlantic Canada and Ottawa, making the sober curious and moderation lifestyle more accessible.

January is often the time that consumers reset their relationship with alcohol. Last year 1 in 5 adults participated in Dry January; however, 47% of those participants chose not to abstain completely but focussed on moderating their consumption*. A recent Nielsen report shows that sales of non-alcoholic beverages reached $395 million in the last 52 weeks. However, 82% of non-alcoholic buyers are still purchasing alcohol***, indicating that today’s consumer values balance vs. ultimatums when it comes to their drinking choices.

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Source: Bevnet