May 09, 2023

CHARLOTTETOWN – It wasn’t that long ago that alcohol-free beer was a common tv-show punchline. The freezer door for nonalcoholic beer would actually be a secret passageway. Kids would be having a wild party, only to find out they were tricked. The buzz they felt was nothing more than a placebo effect.

But the past few years have shown that consumers have become more conscientious about the amount of alcohol they consume. And worldwide demand for non-alcoholic options is growing in 2023.

Libra Beverage is one of the Atlantic Canadian brewers taking advantage of this trend. Mike Hogan, a co-founder and brewmaster of Libra, and its sister company Upstreet Brewing, which makes traditional beer. Hogan anticipates, based on consumer demand, that he will soon be making more Libra products than Upstreet.

“This time last year Libra might have been a third of our production, but now half of our production is non-alcoholic beer,” said Hogan. “And it’s just continuing to grow. So, in a few months we’ll probably be making more non-alcoholic beer than our regular beers, which is pretty cool.”

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Source: Huddle, Derek Montague