December 16, 2022

HALIFAX — With the New Year around the corner, people are jotting down their resolutions. A common promise is to drink less alcohol in 2023, and doing a so-called “Dry January” is a common pledge.

There are signs that this trend is more than just a one-off resolution. More and more people, aware of the risks of alcohol consumption, are turning to non-alcoholic beverages as an alternative. Sales of these beverages in the United States increased 20 percent this year, and a recent report predicts worldwide sales will reach $23 billion by 2025.

Craft brewers in Atlantic Canada are stepping up to meet that demand. Libra is a non-alcoholic beer brewed out of PEI. Cofounder and CEO Mitch Cobb, who is also a co-founder of Upstreet Craft Brewing, says Libra’s sales have jumped 300 percent since last year.

It’s soon going to be easier for the rest of Atlantic Canada to buy Libra. The beer is expected to hit the shelves of the six regional Costco outlets in early January. Libra products are already found in other major grocers in the Maritimes and in outlets across the country.

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Source: Huddle